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Televizoare lcd

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15174 mesaje
din 05/10/2005
61 aprecieri
08 februarie 2008, 13:02:47
da,dar ai vazut ce contrast are? :wow:
MW Addicted
1917 mesaje
din 29/08/2006
08 februarie 2008, 13:12:43
da cint, insa am inteles ca sunt doua tipuri: contrast dinamic care intotdeauna are o valoare mai mare si contrast fizic(parca asa ii spune) si are o valoare cam pe la jumatate!
acum sincer sa fiu am luat un samsung l32s81 si crede-ma ca il tin pe economie la maxim... altfel nu ar mai fi necasar seara sa aprind becul! :)
asa cum am eu(ei zic 8000:1) mie mi-e suficient
autor subiect #108
MW Addicted
1882 mesaje
din 29/01/2006
08 februarie 2008, 13:22:12
da...20.000:1 e mareeee...dar stiti cum functioneaza? eu am si la tv si la monitor asa functie de luminozitate ex: ca sa intelegeti..daca predomina culori inchise se intuneca imaginea, accentuand negrul
..uneori e monitor dezactivez cand sunt pe la paginile intunecate se intuneca si mai tare

..dar la filme e tv e activat permanent
MW Addicted
1933 mesaje
din 21/07/2005
09 februarie 2008, 17:52:50
daca e facut cum trebuie si lucreaza corespunzator, functia "contrast dinamic" e foarte eficienta si utila, la LCD SONY functioneaza perfect, sunt deja LCD SONY si cu contrast dinamic 20.000:1
ca sa fie eficient contrastul dinamic are nevoie si de un display LCD foarte bun, pentru cine nu stie, un contrast mare nu inseamna neaparat ca LCD.ul respectiv sa ilumineze mult camera, pentru asta exista functia "RETROILUMINARE" la LCD nu CONTRASTUL care are sarcina sa accentueze diferenta dintre un punct iluminat puternic (stralucitor) si altul intunecat (negru), un LCD cu contrast slab nu poate reproduce un punct puternic iluminat si sa pastreze si celalat punct negru intunecat, adica negru clar ci il face gri... etc
deci poti folosi un LCD cu contrast maxim reproducand o imagine perfecta fara sa ilumineze puternic camera si ochii tai, defapt se intampla aproape invers, la LCD cu contrast mai slab daca vrei o imagine stralucitoare ramai fara negru si iluminanta creste puternic iluminand puternic camera, obosind ochii utilizatorului, etc :(
MW Addicted
1933 mesaje
din 21/07/2005
09 februarie 2008, 18:24:31 • actualizat 09 februarie 2008, 18:34:56 (2 ori)
Top 10 LCD TVs


in primele 10 locuri 5 sunt SONY printre care si primul loc, 3 sunt SAMSUNG si 3 sunt SHARP...

1 = Sony KDL-46XBR4
Over the years XBR has stood for the best consumer TV's Sony has to offer and this year's line up is no exception. The XBR line of Full HD 1080p televisions incorporate all of Sony's latest technologies (including HDMI v1.3 features such as x.v.Color and Deep Color). Additional features like Motionflow™ 120Hz enable smoother motion when viewing movies or fast-action sports. BRAVIA Engine PRO with Digital Reality Creation upconverts all interlaced and progressive video signals including HD signals directly to 1080p for amazing detail and sharpness. And it's only fitting that your XBR make a statement not only through breathtaking picture quality, but by taking your breath away with optional color bezels. Now your LCD TV can be as distinct as your own personal style.
Full HD 1080
There are a lot of ways to define high-definition but BRAVIA® Full HD means you’re getting the best resolution that high-definition has to offer consumers. With Sony BRAVIA XBR HDTVs, Full HD 1080 means 1920 x 1080 pixels5 and 1080p video inputs. Your lifestyle demands the best in high-definition and with BRAVIA Full HD 1080 products you get it.
1920 x 1080 Native Panel Resolution
When it comes to high-definition TV the pinnacle of performance is achieved by using 1920 x 1080 display panels. Full HD 1920 x 1080 panel resolution with over 2 million pixels 5(more than twice that of 720p HDTV) is exactly what you need to reproduce the 1080p content that can be delivered by our cutting edge 1080p Blu-ray disc™ player.
10-bit Processing and 10-bit Display
While it's great to state that a TV is capable of creating billions of colors it's a whole lot better when you have a display that can actually display them. That's the logic behind Sony's 10-bit processor and 10-bit display. Sony follows 10-bit processing with a 10-bit panel, allowing 64 times the levels of color expression than an 8-bit panel. What that translates to is smoother transitions from color to color and subtle color changes faithfully reproduced.
Motionflow™ 120 Hz with Full HD high frame rate capability
Taking motion performance to the next level requires innovation and expertise. Enter Sony's Motionflow™ High Frame Rate technology. Motionflow™ detects the incoming video signal and applies the appropriate processing for optimum motion reproduction. Taking full advantage of film sourced 24fps encoded content available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, Motionflow™ eliminates the need for 3:2 pulldown and delivers smooth, judder free video, faithfully preserving the integrity of the original film. When 60fps content is detected, Motionflow™ doubles the amount of frames and uses real-time calculation to create a new level of natural motion reproduction. You'll experience movies and sports with a greater sense of realism than ever before.
BRAVIA Engine™ PRO Full Digital Video Processor
BRAVIA Engine™ PRO builds upon the BRAVIA Engine system's outstanding video processing functions making it Sony's most advanced video processing system. It is the culmination of our legendary picture quality expertise, featuring the latest generation of proprietary video processing technology: Digital Reality Creation - Multi Function (DRC-MFv2.5). This technology creates a high-density video signal that traditional interpolation video processing cannot achieve. This latest generation of DRC-MF features increased processing power and provides a sharp, crystal clear image with both 480i and 480p standard definition and all high definition sources (except 1080p). It also features "1080p Direct Creation" which minimizes loss in interlace-to-progressive (IP) conversion by performing Digital Reality Creation and IP Creation algorithms simultaneously.
Live Color Creation™ System featuring WCG-CCFL
Many colors in the real world such as deep reds, greens and clear blues cannot be expressed with conventional display technologies. Working in combination with the special WCG-CCFL backlight in LCD HDTVs or the optical engine in our MDPJ HDTVs, Live Color Creation technology achieves wide color reproduction using advanced chroma signal processingalgorithms. The primary benefits are clear blues, natural greens and an overall vibrant color for all scenes.
Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) Function
Sony’s Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) builds on our excellent on-contrastratio performance of 2,000:11. A Dynamic Contrast Ratio of up to 18,000:12 is achieved by using real-time image processing to adjust the contrast along with optimizing backlight levels. But rather than focus on the "numbers", Sony focuses on actual picture performance avoiding exaggerated blacks where detail can be lost. ACE translates to blacker blacks in darker scenes, as well as better shadow detail in other scenes for a difference that you can see.
x.v.Color™ technology
BRAVIA® HDTV's performance has now advanced to the point that the color range can be defined by limitations in the original video source, rather than the TV. Thanks to the adoption of a newly approved international color standard called xvYCC (an option in the HDMI v1.3 spec and which Sony participated in creating), the color space has been greatly expanded. 1.8 times as many natural colors as existing HDTV signals will now be faithfully reproduced. x.v.Color enabled products can now offer more accurate color reproduction and natural colors beyond broadcast HDTV.
24p True Cinema (24p Input Capability)
Many movies are filmed at 24 frames per second (fps) and prime time TV programs are recorded at 24p. Seizing on an opportunity, some studios are taking a purist approach and encoding high definition video content such as Blu-ray Disc™ in 24p. Sony wisely takes advantage of this by including 24p output capability on our Blu-ray Disc™ players as well as including 24p input capability select 2007 BRAVIA TVs. The benefit? Images are smooth and natural looking. Once you experience 24p video it will be hard to view video without it.
DMex - Ready (Digital Media Extender)
Sony's Digital Media Extender (DMex) ready televisions offer a digital connection path for the addition of the optional modules like the new BRAVIA Internet Video Link. 6 With innovative DMex expansion capabilities featuring the Emmy® award winning XMB user interface, these models are not merely TVs, but powerful entertainment platforms that not only meet your needs today, but extend to add new features seamlessly.
Xross Media Bar® (XMB) interface
When was the last time you saw an on-screen display that was fast, fun and easy to use? Sony's award-winning Xross Media Bar™ (pronounced Cross) provides a logical and fast way to access set up menus, user controls, and more. The on-screen display comes to life by pushing the XMB menu button on the remote. Navigation through the menus is smooth and fast.
BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ technology
Sony® created BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ to go beyond basic digital audio and video transmission. Based on the HDMI-CEC function, BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ will be included on select BRAVIA® Theatre home A/V systems and components. This useful function reduces the hassle and time consuming job of powering up, routing signals, etc. to the simple push of one button.8 Want to play your DVD on your Sony® A/V system? Easy, just push PLAY on the BRAVIA® HDTV remote and everything is taken care of for you. Even when the system is off! Want to change from TV sound to digital surround sound through your Sony BRAVIA® Theatre A/V system? Just one push of the Theater Sound button on the remote and voila, surround sound through your system. Want to power down everything once you've finished enjoying it? Push one button and the TV and A/V system powers down. BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ helps make things a whole lot easier to operate.
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Screen Size 46 inch class (45.5 inches measured diagonally)
Television Type Flat Panel LCD HDTV
Closed Caption (CC) Yes
ID1 Detection Yes
Video Label Yes
Native Resolution 1080p
Contrast Ratio 18,000:1 (Dynamic) 2; 2,000:1 (On-screen) 1
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080
Tuner ATSC, Clear QAM
Video Processing Yes (BRAVIA Engine™ PRO)
Comb Filter Yes (3D Digital Comb Filter)
DRC® MultiFunction Circuitry Yes (DRC MF V2.5)
Game Mode On/Off
Light Sensor Yes
Display Technology LCD (178° wide viewing angle LCD display panels)
Backlight Type WCG-CCFL (Wide Color Gamut - CCFL)
High Definition Yes (Full HD 1080)
Live Color Creation™ Yes
x.v.Color™ Yes
MotionFlow™ 120Hz Yes
10-bit Display Panel Yes
BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ Yes (One-Button Home Theater Control (HDMI-CEC))
10-bit Video Processing Yes
Noise Reduction Yes
Deep Color Yes
Audio Power Output 22W (11W x2)
Steady Sound® Automatic Volume Control Yes
MTS Stereo Decoder Yes (with SAP)
Digital Amplifier Yes
Dolby® Digital Yes (ATSC/QAM only)
Sound Booster Yes
Voice Zoom Yes
S-Force® Front Yes
Channel Skip/Add Yes
Favorite Channel Yes
Speed Surf™ Channel Selection Yes
Parental Control (V-Chip) Yes
Programmable Timer Yes
Sleep Timer 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, Off
Timer Events On/Off Timer
Clock Yes
Power Save Mode Standard, Reduced, Picture Off
Picture Freeze Yes
Input Skip Yes
DMeXTM Ready Yes (Feature Expansion Capability)
Xross Media Bar® Yes (Graphical User Interface)
Remote Control Yes (Backlit)
Optimized Theater Mode Yes
Photo TV HD Yes
Analog Audio Input(s) 5 (4 Rear/1 Side)
Audio Out (Variable/Fixed) 1 (Rear)
Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr ) Input(s) 2 (Rear)
Composite Video Input(s) 3 (2 Rear/1 Side)
Digital Audio Output(s) 1 (Rear)
S-Video Input(s) 1 (Rear)
Headphone Output(s) 1 (Side)
PC Audio Input(s) 1 (Rear)
PC Video Input(s) 1 (Rear) with D-sub 15 and L/R stereo mini plug connection4
HDMI™ Connection(s) 3 (1 Side/ 2 Rear) - 1 rear input has L/R audio inputs
1080/24p Input Capable Yes (via HDMI™)
Power Consumption (in Operation) 280W
Power Consumption (in Standby) Less than 0.4W
Energy Star® Compliant Yes
VESA Yes (VESA Hole Mount Compatibility for Mounting Applications)

2 = Sony KDL-40S3000

3 = Sharp LC-46D92U

4 = Samsung LN-T4665F

5 = Sharp LC-32D43U

6 = Samsung LN-T5265F

7 = Sony KDL-52XBR4

8 = Sony KDL-40XBR4

9 = Samsung LN-T4061F

10 = Sony KDL-46V3000

de mentionat ca in top asta se pune accent pe displayul lcd, mai putin pe restul dotarilor "suplimentare" altfel LCD SONY erau prezente in numar mult mai mare...

pentru alte detalii click aici
MW Addicted
1050 mesaje
din 08/12/2005
Windows CE
09 februarie 2008, 18:35:13
Kapi si atunci de ce a renuntat sony la productia de lcd-uri din noiembrie anul trecut?Pentru ca sunt cei mai buni sau pentru ca nu mai pot face fata adevaratei concurente(pioneer,pananonic,samsung)?
MW Addicted
1933 mesaje
din 21/07/2005
09 februarie 2008, 18:53:08
cine te.a pacalit? ...a aparut si urmatorul model din seria astuia care acolo in top e pe primul loc, deci exista unul si mai bun decat ala si e tot sony adica KDL-46XBR5

nu uita ca SONY se mentine in top de zeci de ani datorita laboratoarelor de cercetare care trudesc ca sony sa scoata mereu primii ceva nou, etc urmare Sony a scos deja primul TV cu display OLED deja XEL-1
15174 mesaje
din 05/10/2005
61 aprecieri
09 februarie 2008, 19:35:05
nu stiu daca postez eu unde trebuie..da nah..

mi-am luat azi un cablu hdmi to stiu ce ,da merge pentru tvout la laptop.

ce pot sa zic... se vede foarte bine numai ca iese putin in afara imaginea. ce setari sa fac sa intre tot?

cablul e de 4m (#sharemobile/data/share/315/de_la_laptop_la_tv.jpg ,a iesit cam prost dar e seara si facuta cu telu' ) dar nu stiu de ce nu se aude sunetul pe tv ci in continuare pe laptop. se vede din poza cam ce mufa e,dar nu suporta si semnal audio totodata? :cry:

am constat iar,ca oricum as avea pe laptop ,pe tv pur si simplu nu apare aceeasi nuanta fie ca dau pe standard/movie/dynamic/sau alt mod de imagine de la tv.

sa fie asta din cauza ecranului crystal bryte de pe laptop care accentueaza culorile sau ce? :hmm:
MW Addicted
1050 mesaje
din 08/12/2005
Windows CE
09 februarie 2008, 19:36:58
Si cand a aparut modelul asta de care spui tu ca e pe primul loc, Kapi?
MW Addicted
1933 mesaje
din 21/07/2005
09 februarie 2008, 19:53:13 • actualizat 09 februarie 2008, 19:56:11 (1 ori)
Cint ...ciudata treaba
la SONY exista in MENIU la SETARI submeniul REGLAJE HDMI insa acolo ai setari la rezolutie imagine FULL sau AUTO, control TV pentru sursa HDMI (on/of), control sursa HDMI pentru TV (on/of), scanare lista surse HDMI si lista HDMI
eu am lasat pe imagine FULL si intra tot perfect ...deci pe cablul HDMI intra tot: imagine, sunet si comenzi interactive (intre tv si sursa HDMI si invers) ...numai insa pe surse HDMI multimedia, de la pc sau laptop ai numai imagine din DVI-D in HDMI
soryn 09-02-2008 19:36:58
Si cand a aparut modelul asta de care spui tu ca e pe primul loc, Kapi?
a aparut asta toamna si se fabrica in continuare, asta dar si altele!
de unde zvonul cu intreruperea productiei TV LCD?!

Note: Posts were merged
15174 mesaje
din 05/10/2005
61 aprecieri
09 februarie 2008, 20:03:51
hm, laptop doar mi-a facut un refresh mai greutz si l-a luat imediat dar nu mi-a aratat ca si cum ar fi vazut monitor .

hm,ciudat la setari la tv in meniu nu arata setari pentru hdmi ,iar la input la hdmi apare tv,ext1,ext2,hdmi

iar la meniul de setari alte alea...pfff... vreau doar sunet si imagine . deci nu merge sunet de pe laptop pe tv cu cablul asta nu? :hmm:
MW Addicted
1050 mesaje
din 08/12/2005
Windows CE
09 februarie 2008, 20:16:38
Kapi,nu mai stiu exact dar cred ca pe avforum am citit chestia asta acum cateva zile.Dupa specificatii si pareri ale utilizatorilor ar trebui sa recunoastem ca pioneer bate tot la ora actuala.Dar sti tu cum e,daca nu-l ai sa-l testezi la "sange"vorbim si noi din ce vedem pe net!
MW Addicted
1933 mesaje
din 21/07/2005
09 februarie 2008, 20:45:31 • actualizat 09 februarie 2008, 20:49:52 (2 ori)
zvonul ala e fals
eu am avut si am si acum TV SONY, adevarat ca sunt diferente mici acum intre TV.uri fata de diferenta uriasa care era inainte intre SONY si altele dar SONY inca se mentine bine in TOP!
cate TV au scanare progresiva digitala la 10biti cu 120Hz? va mai luati dupa toate forumurile, ca din cate am observat eu in general, fiindca informatiile sunt puse da catre toti aiurea ...sunt reale max 40% :(

Cint pai daca ai iesire HDMI atunci ai si sunet pe el, daca insa ai DVI-D si treci pe HDMI cu adaptor atunci ai numai imagine ca nu are cum sa.ti dea placa video sunet...
autor subiect #119
MW Addicted
1882 mesaje
din 29/01/2006
09 februarie 2008, 21:13:23
da...doar adaptorul hdmi-hdmi duce in acelasi timp imagine + sunet..dar nu la toate pc-urile....ATI a reusit sa permita acest lucru...nvidia doar prin conexiune spdif parca...intre placa video si placa de laptop mi-e greu sa cred ca e posibila o asemenea conexiune

..SI EU ASTEPT sa-mi fac conexiune full digitala..asa pot accesa si meniul specific de la tv
15174 mesaje
din 05/10/2005
61 aprecieri
09 februarie 2008, 21:23:32
mda,aiurea... :cry: si ca sa duc semnal audio imi trebuie cablu de microfon?sau... ? cablu audio in -audio out nici nu prea am vazut sincer sa fiu.da nici nu m-am uitat atent  :P
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